Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver

Ninth Doctor, the sonic was able to also be used as a sophisticated scanning device, with medical applications. Subsequent incarnations gave it even wider functionality, such as the ability to hack into computers, provide geolocation and actively defend against some types of assault weapons.

  • Lock picking (with the exception of a deadlock seal or wooden lock; most used function of the series)
  • Burn and cut all kinds of substances
  • Amplify soundwaves and the power of an X-ray machine beyond its normal capacity
  • Disarm weapons (in later models) and electronics
  • Flashlight
  • Intercept and conduct teleportation
  • Dye eyeglass lenses to transform them into sunglasses
  • Microphone (provided it is connected to an audio amplifier)
  • Detect and review signals
  • Conducting medical scans
  • Remotely controlling the TARDIS and other devices
  • Tracking alien life
  • Using red setting or dampers
  • Control the properties of atoms and molecules on a small scale
  • Operate computers, whether their origin is alien or human
  • Provide geolocation
  • Get cash from an Automated teller machine
  • Light candles
  • Modification of a mobile phone
  • Disclosure and deactivating camouflage
  • Destruction of Weeping Angel
Tenth Doctor, with his sonic :D:D

By accident after the Tenth Doctor used it to modify an X-ray output to over 5000%, but he replaced it with a similar model. There were many variations throughout the prop history, including a few shape variations and different paint choices. (TV: Smith and Jones) This version of the sonic screwdriver was also shown[by whom?] to be the first to have a direct connection to the Doctor’s TARDIS and could be used to override its functions. (TV: Utopia) The Tenth Doctor had this screwdriver on his person during his regeneration, but it was damaged repeatedly afterwards, leading to many malfunctions. Despite the damage, the Eleventh Doctor used it to overload technology in an attempt to alert the Atraxi to Prisoner Zero’s location. This fried it into useless, charred metal, much to his growing annoyance and anger. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The Doctor created another screwdriver before River Song‘s final date with him at the Darillium Singing Towers. This version of the sonic screwdriver had the settings of theTenth Doctor‘s model when he met her at the Library, along with “dampers” and a “red setting” that allowed it to work without interference from Doctor Moon. The Doctor gave it to River so she would be ready when she met his tenth incarnation in the Library. Unbeknownst to her, this version included a neural relay which would save her data ghost for uploading into the main computer of the Library. (TV: Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead)


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